Expired Domain Names


wmdsales.com, started in 2013-03-04.

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AtlasMounts.US was a ecom site started 2012-11-13 & removed 2018-12-25.

.info also existed from 2012-11-13 until 2016-12-26.

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Felix ULC

FELIX-ULC.ORG ended 2018-01-24, and started 2008-12-14 (or before).

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X64.MOBI was a WordPress site started 2008-08-01, acquired 2009-07-31, canceled on 2016-09-12.

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Rick7425, .com and .biz, the last of many, since at last 2007-01-17.

.us, and .net existed until 2017-12-17 (or so).

Along with a .info, .ws and .org until (approx.) 2016-12-18.

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ShippingPeanuts.net, from 2006-06-18 to 2019-02-16.

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EGlassToys was another set of domains, both with and without a dash. Going back to at least 2006-01-20, and up to 2019-02-16.

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CyberSearchNet goes back to at least 2005-08-24, acquired on 2009-02-18.

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KinkyBids was an auction site going back to at least 2005-08-17, and canceled on 2016-08-28.

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XDR2.com goes back to at least 2005-12-05 & registered since 1997-05-26.


The .com site is correctly example of a free 5-page site.

xdr2.net is a super-reseller of GoDaddy.

And there is a blog at xdr2net.com.

A .biz site existed from at last 2005-08-25 until 2017-01-03.

There was also the XDR3 series, including xdr3.com, xdr3d, xdr2-3d.com domains for the 3D Ink company (2012-12-12 ~ 2019-01-23).

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